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Rework Environment


Rework Environment | 18 September, 2000

What production volume / mix environment(s) does laser soldering / rework fit?

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Erick Russell


Re: Rework Environment | 19 September, 2000

There are two places where Laser Soldering is used for rework. One is the low volume, high mix environment where the board value is high. The other is the high volume (regardless of mix) facility where fast process time and quick set-up is required. The more flexible a technology is, the quicker it will adapt to new challenges. Because no nozzle or addition tooling is required to move from one application to another, a new process can be developed in a few minutes. It can then be tested using traditional methods of thermocouple instrumentation, x-ray inspection, etc.

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Re: Rework Environment | 19 September, 2000

No nozzles!!! Cool!!!

We buy nozzles, like jelly beans.

In a low volume, high mix shop how does the total cost of ownership match-up with a high-end air rework station?

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