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Basic BGA setup

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Basic BGA setup | 20 November, 2009

Hi All,

I do PC/Laptop repair and are finding some jobs I cant do because they need a BGA rework.

I dont admit to being a pro with respect to BGA, and thus a purchase decision is hard.I have been looking at :

I am open to any and all suggestions from people on here about the best way to proceed. I dont see a lot of point at the moment spending too much as I wont know what I need till i have more experiance, and the Hakko system can be brought one peice at a time which is good.

A metcal 3592 second hand sounds good, but have not seen any second hand and dont know the price?

Look forward to any tips.


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Basic BGA setup | 7 December, 2009

Have you considered outsourcing the rework of the BGA? Besides the rework system, you will need: solder paste, stencils, cleaning method, X-ray, and the biggest part experience...

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