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So small is the quantity used



So small is the quantity used | 22 August, 2000

Has anybody ever tried to explain to the legisalators that the amount of Pb used by the electronics industry is very low compared to the overall worldwide total consumption. It appears to me that the headaches created by that technology shift are significantly greater than the benefits we will get out of it.

I truly believe that the ban of lead in electronic products (I specified electronics products, in opposition to batteries, for example) is an error.



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Dr. Ning-Cheng Lee


Re: So small is the quantity used | 23 August, 2000

Yes, you are right. It is so small a quantity, the actual threat on human health is really questionable. I believe this is the reason why the Pb-free issue faded away gradually several years ago in USA. Too many people didn't believe it is important back then.

The recent renewed interest on Pb-free in North America is primarily driven by business interest, not directly by environmental concern. North America learned recently that Japan and Europe are serious about Pb-free, and realizes that both regions may develop a business edge over North America by using Pb-free approach.

The driver for Pb-free in Japan and Europe is believed to be a combination of environmental concern and business consideration.

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