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PIHR | 20 July, 2000

I am just starting to investigate the fesability of this process and have very limited knowledge.

Is there any problems inserting components on the same side as the paste on a PTH.

When a component is inserted in this way is there a problem with the soldering when body of the component covers the solder paste

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Bob Willis


Re: PIHR | 20 July, 2000

The process is not that difficult so have a go as soon as possible. Take a board wipe some paste on a board stick the part in and run it through the reflow process. Don�t worry about balling just see what you get first, that what I did first !

The main effect of the body is the drop in temperature on the top side of the board. With some connectors it can be as much at 15C. Provided the body does not contact the paste its not an issue.

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