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Removing RFI / RF Shields


Removing RFI / RF Shields | 20 July, 2000

Bob: Techniques for removing RFI / RF shields vary according to the size and type of shield. Removing: * PTH RFI / RF shields is as straight forward as the next heat sinking PTH component, often using a solder bath or fountain. * Small SMT RFI / RF shields is fairly straight forward, providing you have a nozzle that is close to the correct size. * Large SMT RFI / RF shields presents problems, because it is difficult to heat all pads (at the same time) and it�s easy to lift pads.

Please give some suggestions and "tricks" on removing large SMT RFI / RF shields ...


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Bob Willis


Re: Removing RFI / RF Shields | 20 July, 2000

The first time I was faced with this it was on a night shift training M ?????????? and we used a standard hot air rework system with no under board heating. The trick is to keep the air flow low and you can remove the parts. Most people use too higher air flow to get the job done quickly, reflowing the parts under the shield without removing the shield.


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