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X Ray machines


X Ray machines | 2 May, 2001

We are just about ready to get into placing BGAs and planning our equipment needs. We would like to look into an X-Ray machine and I was wondering what everyone is using, their thoughts, suggestions were on this subject.



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X Ray machines | 3 May, 2001

I like the Glenbrook x-ray systems. Simple and easy to use and they have a great support staff. We are using the Jewel Box 70 and are extremely pleased with it. They have complimentary software for analyzing the balls that is excellent. For the price they are the best in the market in my opinion. Remember KISS method should be used when buying x-ray equipment- xray should be mainly for process proveout.Remember not to over analyze.

Caldon W. Driscoll ACI USA 610-362-1200

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X Ray machines | 3 May, 2001

You need to have a way to qualify and monotor your process. X-ray and ERSA's fiber optic inspection thingies are two approaches for doing that.

There are lots of good x-ray machines out there. Get a transmissive x-ray machine with resolution of 10 micron minimum.

Consider this sequence: * Out-source your x-ray imaging. * Rent an inspection machine. * Buy an inspection machine.

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