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Samsung vs. Mydata

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Samsung vs. Mydata | 24 November, 2010


Our company has the opportunity to built a new smt line. we have looked several pick and place manufacturers and their machines. In the end, it will be the decision between two Samsung Modules (SM421) or two different MyData Modules (MY100SX and MY100LX).

Have anyone of you experience with both of the manufacturers? Our impressions are, that the Samsung Modules are more accurate and the real cph is more near to the specified IPC rate than on MyData Modules. On the other hand, we think a MyData Machine is more flexible, and can be a good choice for prototyping because of the integrated electrical verifier.

What are your experiences? Can you confirm this statements or is it not true during daily production? Are there some additional points that you saw after some months of producing?

Thank you for your feedback!

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Samsung vs. Mydata | 24 November, 2010

I have used MyData's in two different companies, and have never used the Samsung machines.

MyData's flexibility is, generally, key. The feeder designs allow for short strips to be loaded, as well as rapid change-over. The electrical testing capability is nice to have as well, as a back-up to verify component values during assembly. However, the trade-off is generally speed. Other manufacturer machines are generally faster in CPH placement.

cheers, ..rob

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Samsung vs. Mydata | 25 November, 2010

I am with MYDATA, I have seen Samsung work not work with them directly, right now I have two SMT lines and we are ok, and they are very flexible to run with samsung is not that flexible.

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Samsung vs. Mydata | 29 November, 2010

For prototype kits and volumes - Mydata

For everything else - Samsung, hands down!

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