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Spray Fluxer Titration Kit



Spray Fluxer Titration Kit | 3 May, 2001

Hi, What is a titration kit used for ? What is the benefit of my spray fluxing process on that ? How does is work ?

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Dave Brady


Spray Fluxer Titration Kit | 4 May, 2001

No titration is needed for a fluxer that has a closed flux flow system such as a Opti fluxer. The flux is fed from a pressurized vessel directly to the applicator with no evaporation or change in the flux composition. I hope this helps. If you need a kit I believe OMEGA sells them. Dave

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Dave G


Spray Fluxer Titration Kit | 4 May, 2001

In a Nut Shell....

Titration is used to maintain the Concentration level (Solids Content) of a liquid flux. Keeping the concentration level constent ensures repeatable fluxer & soldering performance. Specific gravity measurements can be used to do the same thing although they are sometimes not quite as accurate. Basically this tells you whether you need to add flux or thinner to your flux supply.

Hope this helps.

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Spray Fluxer Titration Kit | 7 May, 2001

Normally,titration kit is used for low solid flux,provides a more accurate method to determine the flux concentration so as to assure consistent soldering results.There are three chmicals in the process.test kit solution,indicator and your flux.add drop to solution,it will change to pink color,add your flux drop by drop until the solution become colorless.then,add thinner according to the number of is easy to use.Kester has such products. Rgs Wister

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Spray Fluxer Titration Kit | 14 May, 2001

A titration Kit is used to moniter the amounts of solids in the fluxing process. Kester has mnany kits Available

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