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Virtronics Unitherm 500

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Virtronics Unitherm 500 | 7 June, 2011

The hardrive on our oven just crashed so we swapped computers with a backup we had made for it, however now we are getting a comunication with controller alarm...... any ideas would be much appriciated

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Virtronics Unitherm 500 | 9 June, 2011

just had the same problem today.. will let you know how we get on....

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Virtronics Unitherm 500 | 12 July, 2012

Any one can help me in Unitherm smr 500 reflowe oven, i want to run M/c without joined chiller & Nitrogen Gas supply for Colling,is there any modification will be Possible !!please suggest

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Virtronics Unitherm 500 | 13 July, 2012

Pls suggest for by pass the chiller unit & nitrogen Gas supply from Unitherm SMR500 reflowe oven,can it possible to install the regular cooling fan in the machinefor Pcb cooling ?

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