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SMT Rework | 19 May, 2001

T.W.I.M.C. I am trying to located a copy, or at least the proper number, for the ISO standards on soldering, rework, and PCB wiring. I am about to start up a SMT solder rework class at work. I recall that when I worked for Solectron in Austin, Tx. we had a copy of this book to refer to. It had beautiful color illustrations and photos as well as the ISO standards. I was hoping that someone at you publication or on the forum could help me find this publication. Thank you, Sean FitzPatrick

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SMT Rework | 21 May, 2001


Are you sure that you don't mean IPC instead of ISO? If so, the the IPC-A-610 is what you are looking for. If you are doing soldering rework, then look at the ANSI/J-STD-001 too.


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SMT Rework | 21 May, 2001

We agree with LarryK, the previous poster. We know of no such ISO document, either. ISO can be found at: ISO should be able confirm our thinking. Continuing: (1) Please get back to us if you find such a document. (2) Consider contacting the folk at your previous employer and confirming the document you seek.

We agree that IPC produces many wonderfully illustrated documents, but we�re wondering if either of the following might not be more appropriate: * 7711 - Rework of Electronic Assemblies * 7721 - Repair & Modification of Printed Boards & Electronic Assemblies

Finally, the International Electrotechnical Commission [] has taken to xeroxing and renumbering IPC documents. We wonder if that might be the source you seek.

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SMT Rework | 15 June, 2001

Just wanted to thank you for your imput. It was the very thing I was looking for. Sean

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