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Scored Panel Depth


Scored Panel Depth | 21 May, 2001

Hello All,

Can anyone tell me if there is a specification for the required depth for a scored separation on a panel? Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Scored Panel Depth | 21 May, 2001

IPC-2222, Sectional Design Standard For Printed Board For Organic Printed Boards talks to scoring parameters in para. 5.3.1. You can obtain the standard at: http:/// and Document Center []

As an aside: IPC-2222 defines the web or the amount of material that should be remaining on the board after scoring, rather than the depth of the cut. This distinction is important because: * Defining the web gives a good idea of the strength of the product you receive. This strength is important from a placement, reflow, wave soldering, handling, depaneling, and other process control stand-point. * Specifying the depth of the cut [the material removed], gives less certainty about the strength of the board, because this stacks the tolerance variation of both scoring cuts on top of the tolerance variation of the thickness of the board.

Anticipating the obvious follow-up question, in monitoring the quality of in-bound material, how should the poster measure the web thickness of scored boards?

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Scored Panel Depth | 24 May, 2001

Darn good point!!!

* Accu-System [ 3100 VSC] 215-830-9826 * Radoll Design Score Depth Indicator

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Scored Panel Depth | 31 May, 2001

I saw a post from last year that quoted Hadco. For a .062" thick PWB, the remaining material was .012" +/- .002". This is close to what we have been using, but some PwB vendors are now asking for .020" +/-.005". This seems too thick for smooth breakage.


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