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PCB Delamination

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PCB Delamination | 4 August, 2011

Hi All,

I'm facing a problem is the PCBs are having delamination issue which after SMT reflow process & wave solder process. Dose anybody faced this issue before? The profile setting are correct settings. Some question i wonder: 1) Is that long time storage will cause this issue? (environment issue) 2) The temperature or humidity have a impact for this? 3) The material having a problem it self? How I can figure out this problem!!

Thank & Regards, ZY Wong

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PCB Delamination | 5 August, 2011

From the fine SMTNet archives:

There are a few other threads available, as well, by searchign on PCB Delamination.

Delamination post reflow is almost always caused by trapped moisture in the material explosively vaporizing during reflow. Storage temp/humidity have an enormous affect on the situation. If your boards have not been sealed and/or stored in an environmentally controlled manner, baking them pre-assembly is most likely called for.

To get the most information, work with your PCB vendor to cross-section the board. They ought to be able to determinet the root cause/corrective action.

cheers, ..rob

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PCB Delamination | 16 August, 2011


I believe that the problem is moisture in the boards. You should bake the boards in oven for 24hours or so and then run them.

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