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Philips Sapphire users......



Philips Sapphire users...... | 21 May, 2001

I would like to hear from all Philips Sapphire users about your successes and failures when placing 0402 parts.

1. Are you using type 51 / 57 nozzles? 2. Special vacuum check? 3. How are you calibrating your vacuum sensors? 4. Have you experienced missing (phantom) placements? 5. Any 0402 parts sucked up into the vacuum generators? 6. Anyone using "component intensity" feature? 7. How frequently are you cleaning off your nozzles?

Your thoughts would be most gratefully read. Thanks in advance Dean

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Philips Sapphire users...... | 30 May, 2001

Were not placing 0402s nor do we have a Sapphire. We are placing 0603's with both the Topaz and Emerald though without any problems. I would like to ask you if you are using any programming software for CAD conversions such as PPS or Unicam and your success with it. There are several out, and I'm extremely displeased with Unicam. Any feedback?

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