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Yamaha CSM84VZ error code 79

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Yamaha CSM84VZ error code 79 | 29 September, 2011

We have a Philips CSM84VZ which we acquired several years ago. It has been running fine until recently when a new employee ran it unsupervised. Since then, when in run mode, it wont't run, but just displays error code "#79:operation interrupted". our manual is missing the error code section, so we don't know what this error is.

Unable to access "job condition" or "utilities-diagnose" to troubleshoot.

Any help would be appreciated. Thks, Phil

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Yamaha CSM84VZ error code 79 | 6 October, 2011

That message is what you get if for example, if you press "stop" while a board is being placed. While "interrupted" you can for example, press "exit", go make adjustments to mount data or whatever, return to "running", then the board program, then press "run" to continue mounting from where you left off. Pressing "run", then "reset" twice stops the mounting operation completely. Try pressing "stop" then "reset" twice, or just do a power-on restart and see what happens

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Yamaha CSM84VZ error code 79 | 6 October, 2011

Hello Tom. Thks for your response. I tryed all your suggestions. No luck. This is how it happened:

Several weeks ago I allowed an inexperienced unsupervised operator to work on some program changes. When I checked back afew hours later I noticed that nearly all stored placement programs were corrupted. For example; where a mount/component position should be: 56.34(x), 77.04(y) it would be: -8042.45(x), 0000.05(y)! This was throughout most of the programs. I erased them all completely, except for several that seemed okay. I've reset m.i.s. and cleaned up other data.

Basically, when I try to run it, it stops at "run" command and displays "#79, interrupted operation". Also of note, after powering it up and performing "origin", the main menu is displayed with 49% 43% 51% 47% at the bottom of the monitor just above the "F" commands.

Am I looking at initializing the machine? We've had this machine a few years and until now, it's been a real good machine, even doing 402s well.

Your help is well appreciated, Phil

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