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Mounting 0402 chips

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Mounting 0402 chips | 9 October, 2011


We found the misalignment sometime during SMT 0402chips. So, we made the pick up speed a bit slower then the condition was better however it was time-consuming and delay shipment. We r using Yamaha 100Xg SMT M/C and no probelm in mounting 0602 or bigger than that. Is it caused by 0402 Feeders? Need feeder alignment? I'm seeking some advice if you have some idea for mounting 0402 chips and smaller than that.

Thanks in advance


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Mounting 0402 chips | 12 October, 2011

It looks like a nozzle size issue. Make sure you have the right nozzle size for the part as well as the right feeder.I think that if the machine takes the parts from the feeders, it can't be feeder problem. Usually parts will jump out of the feeder if there is a problem with it and machine won't pick a part. However, if you don't have the right nozzle the part can move on the nozzle and the placement cold be off.

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