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PCB Size Trends

Mark Smithers


PCB Size Trends | 23 May, 2001

The trend of the smaller PCB and devices has been occurring for many years now. However, recently, we are seeing signs that a segment of the market is returning to larger board sizes....30" x 30" and larger. Does anyone have good sources for data and or direct experience with the trend. I am trying to dig up data that will help scope the market....size, growth, importance, reasons for this trend, etc. Any help would be great. Thank you

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PCB Size Trends | 24 May, 2001


The trends are very much related to the market segments that they serve. For example you can look at the "Telecommunications" industry for the large PCB's. They are in products like network PCBs, Backplanes, switching equipment for telephones and some speciality equipment. The smaller PCB's are in the "modules" or "components" that might go into the larger boards or into products like cell phones, digital cameras, PDA's and watches with other fucntions. I do believe thier is data and reasearch that is avaialbe through IPC:

I also know that I saw a technology roadmap developed by one the various SMT organizations: SMTA, IPC, or IMAPS. We have an internal roadmap that we developed. I would be happy to share it with you if you send me an email at

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