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Troubles with parts recognition



Troubles with parts recognition | 16 February, 2000


I�m having some dificulty to have parts recognized on HSP 4791. I�ve already been this part recognized on HSP 4796, so I put the same component data on HSP 4791. But I didn�t get good results. Does anyone have an idea about what could be causing this problem ?

Thanks in advance

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Re: Troubles with parts recognition | 18 February, 2000

Jan, have you try to teach on hsp4791 see if it's ok. Normally, what would happen is the lighting. Do you know how to calibrate the lighting on HSP?

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Dane Stokes


Re: Troubles with parts recognition | 19 February, 2000

Also Jan, Don't you have to send your components through a filter program when transfering from a 4796 to a 4791 or vice versa. I know you have to do this when transfering a 4790 program to a 4791 because the speed data does not transfer correctly. It would probably be your best bet to find a similar part in you 4791 data base and create a new part from that information for the part your having problems with. That is what they taught us to do at universal. Is the part leaded?,is it a chip?odd form?. One more thing make sure your maintenace on your nozzles is done before ever trying to teach a part. do the nozzle level teach and the nozzle offset teach just to make sure and teach the lighting on the nozzle you selected to pick the part with..If you still have problems E-mail me the component data I'll put it on one of our 4791 and teach it for you and send it back....

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Re: Troubles with parts recognition | 23 February, 2000

This note is in response to your question about not being able to recognize a component that is running on a 4796 but has problems on a 4791. The 4791 and 4796 used two different recognition systems and the lighting calibration will be not be the same. In the cases of simple parts such as chips or even some leaded components you may be able to use the same data for 90% of your library.

I would do the following: 1) Make sure the 4791 is passing its lighting calibration, this is the lighting adjustment that is done with the graphs, if you are not familiar with this adjustment then you should have a field engineer perform the calibration. 2) How was the data generated? Converted from the 96 library? Taught from the 96 component teach? If this was the case then I would perform task # 1 and then use the 91 component recognition to adjust your component data until it passes consistently. What is the component, soic, plcc??

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Re: Troubles with parts recognition | 6 March, 2000

Thanks to all who responded. Your help were very important.In fact, we had a problem with the lighting calibration.

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