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smt plant air quality

Ian T


smt plant air quality | 28 May, 2001

hi we are expanding our plant, and the contractor is asking for air quality guide lines for the new area. i haven't been able to find any standards can anyone help? thx

Ian T

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smt plant air quality | 5 June, 2001

Sorry that I'm so late responding. Your new additon probably has 'backee stains on the floor already.

Assuming we're talking about a fairly standard board assembly area, you don't need to specify air quality.

1 We specify * Particulate: Level to be determined * Air Exchange: Controlled, monitored; complete air change minimum every three minutes with 5 to 20 percent make-up air added minimum air exchange (30 cubic feet per minute per person).

2 J-STD-001C specifies: Soldering area should be enclosed, temperature and humidity controlled, and maintained at positive pressure [or words to that effect]. It goes on to discuss the temperature and humidity limits further, but it sounds like you have those details well in hand.

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