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BGA rework profile help



BGA rework profile help | 6 June, 2001

Help! I have been assigned to take over our current rework machine because the profiles have been changed so often and by so many people that they are now not working consistantly. Nobody has been supporting it for the past 2 years and now I have been assigned to clean up the mess. We are using the SRT (Sierra Summit 1000) machine and are reworking BGAs, QFPs, and microBGAs. Can somebody recommend a good profile for this machine? Our current profile is too unreliable to keep using. Thanks!

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BGA rework profile help | 6 June, 2001

It�s hard to tell you one good profile for a specific machine cause profiles are mainly dependent on the specific assembly you want to rework. My aproach to this problem is trying to get a close as possible profile as under normal reflow conditions using thermocouples to monitor the temperature of the PCB and the most "delicate" joint(s). The results are different profiles for different boards and components. The starting point for new profiles are always existing profiles for assemblies that are of a similar complexity.

This may not be what you wanted but all I have to offer. Hope you get my message


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Michael Parker


BGA rework profile help | 6 June, 2001

To expand on Wolfgangs reply, I suggest you contact your local SRT rep. We recently had the same type of problem as yourself. This is the path we followed.

Arrange for operator training, for yourself first, then the operators after you get the machine under control. Get advice on file management and passwords.

Retrain your operators to only use your new profiles.

Also have a PM done on your machine, make sure it is accurately calibrated. Consider any new upgrades for the machine. Micro BGA's can get blown away by too high air pressure. The manifold and regulators need to be improved on the older machines.

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BGA rework profile help | 6 June, 2001

Good machine, good people; yer just about there. Look here for help:

Earl Moon, a departed SMTnet contributor, wrote a great article on reworking BGA in the SMTnet Newsletter acuppla years ago. Look in the Volume 1, Issue No. 3 Wednesday, August 18, 1999

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