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DEK265GS - Startup problem

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DEK265GS - Startup problem | 16 August, 2012

We have the following problem with our DEK265GS during start-up:

Loading Program... Loading Language... Stack Overflow!

Any help / pointers would be much appreciated.


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DEK265GS - Startup problem | 16 August, 2012

delete the pointer readings.dek. If the printer loads after restart is the problem a corrupt program (last printed product. if this not work could it be a problem with the DEK config file. save the the file on floppy and delete it from the m/c. the system creates a new default config file (config.cfg)

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DEK265GS - Startup problem | 25 August, 2012

Thanks for the pointers.

I just tried both of your suggestions - but still the "Stack overflow" message is appearing.

Any other suggestions ?

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DEK265GS - Startup problem | 26 August, 2012

Did you try running an AV scan on your files.

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DEK265GS - Startup problem | 27 August, 2012

As the machine was working before - and as it is not connected to any network and we do not use the floppy disks, I do not think that it is related to a virus.

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DEK265GS - Startup problem | 30 August, 2012

could be a hardware problem (processor board, harddrive) but this overflow message is most times software related. delete the calib file for an other trial. have you the machine software for reinstall?

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DEK265GS - Startup problem (RESOLVED) | 3 September, 2012

The issue has finally been resolved.

It turns out that while checking the vision board, our engineers accidentally changed the address of the Analogue Board (which is adjacent to the vision board) - thus, leading to this startup error - with the unhelpful error message.

[Special thanks to John Spangler for his strong support to diagnose and resolve the problem...]

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DEK265GS - Startup problem (RESOLVED) | 14 September, 2012

I believe there was a software issue as well; Initially installed software (4.03) replacing existing 2.12. After that it got past the "Stack Overflow" and displayed the expected error for incorrect addressing on PCAD12...

BTW solution to "vision board" error which started the whole thing: poorly shielded replacement cable used for video input to cognex.


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