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In Circuit Test Specs

Steve Brown


In Circuit Test Specs | 15 June, 2001

We have recently had an incident where we feel that we have received a batch of cards from our assembly house which have by-passed their ICT operation. This has been determined by the lack of any indentations on the test pads from the sprung probes. Are there any specifications which control In Circuit Test operations, such as spring pressures or the requirement for pin marks on the test pads?


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In Circuit Test Specs | 18 June, 2001

I know of no nor can I imagine a specification for "spring pressures or the requirement for pin marks on the test pads". The issue is whether the boards pass the test or not. If your supplier neglected to process the boards as agreed upon, then they should correct the over-sight. What does the test data, taken during the ICT indicate? What does your supplier's process sheets indicate? What does a redo testing of a sample of these boards indicate?

Yano, there�s more to life than a cuppla pennies. If you don�t have a good relationship with your supplier, it�s the pits [or words to that effect]. Ya pay me now, or ya pay me later, eh?

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In Circuit Test Specs | 20 June, 2001

Speculation is dangerous. If the test is part of the spec and your CM assures you that it is being done, unless you have a high failure rate, you need to believe it is happening.

If you have seen an increase in failures, I would defenately call the CM and discuss the process.

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