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Universal ADM 4173C



Universal ADM 4173C | 21 June, 2001

Hi Guys,

I would like to gather more infos about Universal ADM 4713C Dispensing Equipment.

a) When was the Model roughly released in the market. Am I correct that it's only 6 to 7 years old ? b) Dispensing reliability of the equipment. c) Maintainability of the equipment. d) Programming ---> is it easy to program ? e) User friendliness. Is the equipment easy to operate ? f) Tact Time. g) 2nd Hand Market Cost of the equipment. Rough guesstimate will do.

I got feedback that noone service this machine anymore. Is it true? and that parts availability is a bit rare.

Is it worth buying compare to a Cam/Alot 3800 or 5000 which is about 8 years old?

To those who had used or still have the equipment, I really need your help to provide me infos about this equipment.

Thank you very much in advance.


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Universal ADM 4173C | 22 June, 2001

The 4713 is an old model, first came out in the late 80's. Recreated as 4713B, C & finally D. Check with UIC on the service issue. It shoots dots at around 18K per hour. Camalot is a far superior machine for liquid dispensing.

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Universal ADM 4173C | 28 June, 2001

We had a 4713C glue dispenser. We ended up going to screening the paste instead of using this machine which seemed to be very positive. We didn't have vision or cad data at the time and would have to constantly play with the x.y data. This machine is discontinued if I'm not mistaken from Universal. We couldn't find a buyer for the machine so I stripped it of the valuable J11 controller and other parts which were worth more than the machine.

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