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Low cost BGA inspection?


Low cost BGA inspection? | 21 June, 2001

I'm constantly being flooded with information by sales reps on x-ray and other types of equipment to inspect BGAs. Most of these items are simply beyond our capital budget constraints. I've witnessed dozens of demos, and to be honest, I really don't see the value. Maybe I'm wrong on this but there's got to be simple solution to at least reduce some of the risk. Our production operation is low volume with much product proliferation. We are starting to integrate BGA and uBGA components into our designs. Eventually all products will have them so I'm looking into the most cost-effective way to inspect them.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance for your help

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Steve Brown


Low cost BGA inspection? | 21 June, 2001

One of the systems I saw which was very good for a low cost inspection system was the Ersascope. This sytems looks underneath the BGA from the side so it will detect bridges though it probably isn't very good for insufficients. It all depends on what your major defects are.


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Travis Slaughter


Low cost BGA inspection? | 21 June, 2001

A couple years ago Glenbrook would rent a small machine by the hour, you turn it on the ticker starts to count turn it off stops count you pay for that time. And they would apply a portion, or maybe it was all I don�t remember, of that rental towards a purchase. If they still do this it should help you with a big capital expense in 1 hard shot.

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Low cost BGA inspection? | 21 June, 2001

Glenbrook has a solution. I do not know what your definition of low cost is but Glenbrook offers an inspection solution an x-ray system and an endo scope (ersa scope type) for low cost. Contact Steve zweig at (973) 361-8866. They have some great software integration options as well. Manncorp also offers an endoscope solution for low cost. contact Henry Mann at (215) 364-6100.

Remember Ersa cost about $30K....there are plenty of other scopes doing the same thing for much much less.

Remember what you are trying to achieve....Process prove out. Once you have successfully assembled a PCB with BGA's the rest is just QA sample inspection. This was the same histeria back when industry was trying to place fine pitch QFP's. Now QFP's are a peice of cake. So maybe a third party lab with x-ray to help with process prove out.That is even cheaper. For that contact me

Caldon W. Driscoll ACI USA 610-362-1200

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Low cost BGA inspection? | 30 June, 2001

I have tried just about everything avalible for BGA inspection on the market. We use X-ray which is great, even through we have a 5-d machine, I use my 2-d unit most often. We also have the expensive scope that lets you look completely through under the BGA, it is impressive but not very user friendly, and the prisum mirror gets broken about twice a month at $100 each. If you are looking for low cost and easy to use, Edmund Sceintific catalog has simple video cameras that are hand held and allow you to look under the BGA along each os the sides through a small morror lens. This will allow you to see if all the solder balls have collapsed the same and if there are any problems. It is a simple to use and effective inspection method.

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Peter Loten


Low cost BGA inspection? | 5 July, 2001

I'm not sure where in the world you are, but we supply a low cost, quick turn around BGA XRay service (with good operators who can interperate results). We are near Portsmouth in the south of england.

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Low cost BGA inspection? | 11 July, 2001

We use the Ersascope and it seems very effective .You can even take the image and save it.

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Jim Crowe


Low cost BGA inspection? | 15 July, 2001

Hi Greg,

Send me an email !

Tks Jim

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