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Looking for Tape and Reel Holders

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Looking for Tape and Reel Holders | 24 June, 2013

I am in need of two Fuji or Panasonic "tape and reel" holders. I will be using them to hold dummy 0402 and 0201 outline components which have undergone some special treatment and packaged in tape and reel. This is not for SMT application but for some other research work. In this research I need to work with small components and I chose to use this as I am aware of the small outline components in SMT application.

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Looking for Tape and Reel Holders | 25 June, 2013

Hi Ryan: I assume you mean reel ... the plastic thing that contains taped components.

Tape & Reel, Reel suppliers: * Advantek * Peak International * Acrotech Southwest, Inc. - Kerville, TX; (830)896-6464, Fax: (830)896-8245,

Additionally, for low volume requirements, it might be just a easy to buy from tape & reel service firms

Tape & reel services * Illinois components * Criteria Labs - Austin, TX; (512)637-4500, Fax: (512)637-4701, * Mid America Tape & Reel, Inc. - Glendale Heights, IL (888)629-6646, (630)629-6646, F(630)629-6649

What is the project that you're working on?

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Looking for Tape and Reel Holders | 25 June, 2013

Thanks Davef! I'm actually posting on behalf of another member who teaches at New Jersey Institute of Technology in Newark, B. S. Mani (phone 630-345-0558.) Not sure what the project is but I will make sure to pass your recommendations on.

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Looking for Tape and Reel Holders | 26 June, 2013

Thank you for your response and interest to help me with my research work.

I am actually in need of the Reel Holder.

I am aware of a few services that can package the treated 0402 / 0201 components into a tape and reel. I have also spoken to MidAmerica in this regard. But I am in need of the FIXTURE that would hold the reel in a pick and place machine. This the metallic bracket onto which these reels are mounted and what goes into the Fuji or Panasonic machine.

This is intended for research which is not connected with the SMT placement. In my research I need to manipulate small objects delivered one at a time. I chose the 0402 and 0201 for the “small object” and chose the method of “tape and reel dispensing” as I am aware of these two from my IBM days. I am currently building the experimental set up which would look more or less like a mini-placement machine. I will integrate the reel holder (metallic bracket) into this experimental set up.

Thank you. You help is very much appreciated. B. S. Mani

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