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ICOM 500

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ICOM 500 | 10 July, 2013

Hi SMTnet Members I'm looking for some help with my Westek ICOM500 Ionic tester. It has been sitting for a while. We want to get it up and running. I don't have any tools with this tester. Do you know what material I need to get this to work? Calibration Test Solution..etc.?

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Mike Konrad


ICOM 500 | 16 July, 2013

This was built and sold by Trek Industries. Several years ago, Stoelting purchased Trek. I believe the machine is now discontinued. I am not sure if they continue to provide support. Here is there contact information:

PW STOELTING, L.L.C. A VOLLRATH® COMPANY 502 Highway 67 Kiel, WI 53042 Phone: 800-558-5807

If you can not get assistance with this unit, the current models are:

Zero Ion (Made in USA)

OmegaMeter / Ionagraph (Made in USA)

Gen3 (Imported from the UK)

I hope this helps!

Mike Konrad Aqueous Technologies

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ICOM 500 | 17 July, 2013

Thanks Mike

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ICOM 500 | 29 July, 2013

We've been running our ICOM 5000 off and on since it was new in 1996. There's not much help out there for this machine as Stoelting (who bought out Westek) no longer supports it. You might need to replace the filter, which Stoeling can provide, but it is a bit pricey. The solution is quite simple. You need a solutions 75% Isopropanol alcohol to 25% DI water. I basically follow the steps in the calibration procedure to keep it running. It will ask you for a 5S solution, which I basically step through and ignore because there is an alternate procedure using a hydrometer. I use an old-school glass hydrometer inside a glass turkey-baster to measure the density of the solution once you've added it to the machine. Like I said, the calibration procedure walks you through all of this. From there it will tell you how much alcohol or DI water you need to add to fine-tune it.

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