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How to calculate the ROI



How to calculate the ROI | 26 June, 2001

Our mother company shipped to us a lot of old datecode material and upon running them in the line we experienced non-wetting condition, esplly on the 0402 ( not tombstone )

We have run a dip-and-look test but I guess the method is very subjective as it simulates more towards the wave soldering environment. I'm proposing the company to buy the Solderability tester so that the quantitative measurement can be done (wetting balance). I was asked to calculate the ROI. Can anybody help me or show me on how should I go about with this ?

Anybody with the ROI calculation sample, pls help.

thank you in advance

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How to calculate the ROI | 26 June, 2001

They always tell you to calculate ROI, when they want to blow you off. Do a net search using - calculate ROI. Links to three pretty good descriptions on this are:

As an alternative, consider that using an independent test lab might give you a better overall return, especially when you consider that you�ll probably never use your MUST machine again and when you get into trying to quantify intangibles, like judicating the pissing contest you are going to be in when the very nice person that sent you those junk components asks "How do we know if Danial ran the test properly? How do we know if Danial was properly qualified to run the test? Is it true that wetting balance is very subjective and gets a lousy gage R&R? Bla bla bla" Check with Cal [] for suggestions on test labs. I believe EMPF is one of the few that does wetting balance.

Here's a few other links/places to check out:

If you look in section 6 of the J-STD-002 specification you will find a listing of wetting balance suppliers that the J002 committee has found. Don�t kid yourself. Dip-and-look, wetting balance, and SERA all require a sophisticated tech to do a good job. The majority of component manufacturers are using J-STD-002A, Test Method A - Dip And Look Test.

The J-STD-002/003 committees have been extremely active in the evaluation of the wetting balance in terms of gauge reproducibility/repeatability as part of an effort to evaluate the wetting balance as an acceptable method for solderability testing. The wetting balance test is current categorized within the 002/003 specifications as "for evaluation only" test methodology as the investigation efforts are continuing. The wetting balance test method has recently undergone significant revision and both specifications allow the use the test method for product acceptance testing provided user and vender can agree on a set of pass/fail criteria. Call Dave Hillman [J-STD-002/003 CoChairman 319-295-1615] to discuss the detailed efforts of the 002/003 committee activities concerning the wetting balance.

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How to calculate the ROI | 29 June, 2001

Thank Dave, your information was really helpful.

Now that I have another few thousands of old datecode PCBs which has an Entek and HASL finished. Entek PCBs are about 6 � 1.5 years old and HASL boards are at 1 - 2 years old. To make it worse, some of them came in the loose form, no vacuum seal� nothin�.

As for the HASL not much of the worry compared to the ENTEK. My boss has suggested me to send all my board for re-entek. Fine to me except for those plated thru� hole, in the case on thru� hole oxidised, can the re-entek process cater/reach the barrel ? My wild suggestion is get them stripped/HASLed as no fine pitch on the board.

Do you familiar with re-Entek process ? Can this Entek finished board be stripped and converted to HASL? What would you do if you were in my shoe ? It is too pain for the company to scrap these board as they are very expensive and the quantity if too high i.e. total = a mix of 15,000 diff. type of PCB.

Pls advise and thank you in advance

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