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Ion Chromatography Testing Standard

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Ion Chromatography Testing Standard | 26 September, 2013

I know - A stimulating topic....

IPC-TM-650 2.3.28 method calls for a PCBA or PCB to be placed into a bag with solution, shake, analyze. Great.

There is a method of doing this testing that focuses on a specific area of a PCB or a component where residues are present or suspected present instead of the whole assembly. This method is much more accurate and reliable in determining risk in post process residues. I don't see that there is a test method published by IPC so am appealing to experts out there if there are any left;)

What I'm trying to accomplish is to qualify some white residue from a no clean process as benign. IPC-A-610 section 10.6.3 has a provision related to this type of residue. I need evidence for some of my customers that this isn't something of concern.


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