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Humidity control system

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Humidity control system | 31 March, 2014

We are trying to setup a closed loop humidity control system that will maintain the RH at about 45% on our 24,000 Sq ft factory. Can we just these systems spray city water or does it have to be DI or treated water?


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Humidity control system | 2 April, 2014

We have four or five of these guys scattered around our 40,000sqft plant spraying DI water. They have a not so accurate built in humidistat but its good enough and they aren't that expensive for upfront cost. Just lube the packing washers in the guns once or twice a year and they run well.

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Humidity control system | 2 April, 2014

Not sure what kind of humidifier you are looking at but here's my experience: We have 4 humidifiers. All are ultrasonic supplied with DI water. They work well but... UT humidifiers will create a foggy white residue that will stick to things in closer proximity. I don't know what it's comprised of but even DI water creates this residue. Universal Instruments was awesome in helping us with this and they even analized the residue at their lab to quickly pin-point it. If the units are close to SMT equipment (say 20 ft or less) the machines will pull this foggy residue inside and it will adhere to charged electronics. As a result, you will blow things like power supplies. Additionally, the ultrasonic pucks WILL fail in time and you will need to replace them. It is the nature of the beast and it's a bit costly. Looking back, I think we would have researched something other than ultrasonic.

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