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Quad IVc Theta Axis Problem

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Quad IVc Theta Axis Problem | 17 April, 2014

Hi all. A "newbie" on the forum, hopefully someone can help!

I have a Quad IVc that has developed a problem on its Theta Axis. In performing the Homing routine it does not spin the nozzle through 360 deg as it should. It does a small turn ~45deg one direction and back sloghtly further the other. The same happens when I do a "Function 30" to check the runout. If I slow the machine down (Mod Code 53) I get more rotation, but not correct. Running the machine and components fail to be recognised as they are not turned on the head and if the component recognition is turned off completely it will place components but in just one angle. I can drive the nozzle thru 360 degrees manually with no problem.

The motor is ok, I've changed that, and the control card at the back has been swapped with the "Z Axis" with no change. All the wiring ohms out ok.

Any suggestions?

Many thanks,

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Quad IVc Theta Axis Problem | 17 April, 2014

Hello, The only thing i can think of is the x&y ribbon cables. I know you said they are good but they could have an intermittent break. I would get a spare set and plug them in with the machine at a slow speed setting and see if it works as normal. Are you sure the dip switch settings are correct on the driver cards? I guess if all else fails you can clear the memory and reload in your mod codes.....i would do this as a last try. There is an led on the head board that should turn on when the flag goes through the sensor for theta home...makes sure this is working. What started this problem? Did the machine just one day stop working or did something else lead to this?

Good Luck

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Quad IVc Theta Axis Problem | 25 April, 2014

Hi Bobpan,

Many thanks for your response.

While none of your suggestions were new to me it did get me to thinking and going back to the start again only to find incorrect switch settings on the Theta Driver Card. PROBLEM SORTED! I don't know how they got set that way, but that's for another day :)

Once again, many thanks for taking the time.


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