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MyData Programming Help...

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MyData Programming Help... | 22 June, 2014

I am new to programming these devices. I have programed quite a few things in my life from games to android apps to arduino to microprocessors. However, I have never ran into a MyData machine. Does anyone have any assistance or advice to help me learn to program these machines. What makes it easy? What makes it difficult?

Any help is appreciated.. Thanks

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MyData Programming Help... | 23 June, 2014

Get the Mydata programming manual. It will take you through the process step by step.

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MyData Programming Help... | 24 June, 2014


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MyData Programming Help... | 25 June, 2014

Try out my program PCBSynergy at

It is designed for the Facebook generation. Once you a file that is vaguely what you want feed it into the built in software and optimize appropriately. You can do feeder re-organisation with it by exporting to Excel and reimporting the feeder CSV file, may well be easier with Mydata's software but if you have an early machine the SCO Unix may well drive you batty.

regards sarason

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MyData Programming Help... | 26 June, 2014


Please check our solutions like QPlan or QPlace. Those tools helps in SMT tooling process. It's easy to use and built as wizzard.

Our website: Feel free to send me an email:

Best Regards, Alexei

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