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Yamaha YM84 S2

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Yamaha YM84 S2 | 14 August, 2014

Failing to origin the machine. On pressing ORIGIN, it moves a small distance and gives the message "ORIGIN INCOMPLETE" and displays error ...243:Y DRIFT ADJUSTMENT NO GOOD..." Please help.

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Yamaha YM84 S2 | 17 August, 2014

Chapter 6 section 3-5 of the manual. If you don't have the manual send me your email and I'll send you the relevant section in pdf.

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Yamaha YM84 S2 | 18 August, 2014

Hi.. Darby thanks... I don't have Manual. plz send the same at

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Yamaha YM84 S2 | 24 August, 2014


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Yamaha YM84 S2 | 9 September, 2014

Sorry, Tell me please. YM84 S2 is this CSM84 Philips or am I mistake?

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Yamaha YM84 S2 | 27 January, 2015

Hi.. Max,

It is Yamaha machine.

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Yamaha YM84 S2 / Philips CSM 60 | 23 September, 2015

Hi, I read about the problem "243 x drift adjustment no good" on a Philips CSM 60 (my type) and other machines of this type. I have the same problem but no manual for the machine to solve it. Do you still have the manual where the "Drift ajustment" is described? It would be very kind of you if you could email me the part to THX alot!

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Yamaha YM84 S2 / Philips CSM 60 | 24 September, 2015


Move the XY arm to the center of the machine.

Turn on the servo then immediately hold “LOWER” then press “ORIGIN”.

You should see the message now on the screen “DRIFT CHECK”.

The arm will start to drift without an emergency condition occurring.

During this time, balance the Pots on the Driver Board which adjust the DRIFT for XY&R.

I do not know which Driver board you have, so I cannot tell you the Pot number, but

usually VR16 is X, VR17 is Y.

When the DRIFT is balanced, press STOP to cancel the DRIFT CHECK

If you cannot control the drift on a particular axis, the Motor should be replaced.

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Yamaha YM84 S2 | 24 September, 2015

yes, Philips use Yamaha mechanics for CSM84 and we have three such for sale

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Yamaha YM84 S2 / Philips CSM 60 | 24 September, 2015

Thank you for the fast response and help! Machine runs fine again!

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Yamaha YM84 S2 / Philips CSM 60 | 24 September, 2015

btw: Pots are VR16(x) and VR 17(y) on the left board and VR17(r) on the right board.

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Yamaha YM84 S2 / Philips CSM 60 | 24 September, 2015

Great News!! Happy to hear!!

Yes. Location of these ports vary for different Models of control cards of machine.

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