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Oven Throughput



Oven Throughput | 19 July, 2001

Received an info that the longer the oven the higher the throughput.

What's the formula when calculating oven throughput ?

say, i have the following:

Oven Length : 266 cm Conveyor Speed: 29cm/min PCB Length: 29 cm Gap per Board: PCB Length x 0.5

thanks and regards,

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Oven Throughput | 19 July, 2001

Load Factor = Board Length / (Board Length + Space) (you can get the maximum loading factor from the manufacturer, usually ranges from 0.5 to 0.9)

Oven Throughput = (Conveyor Speed x Load Factor) / Length per Board

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Oven Throughput | 20 July, 2001

Hi Pete,

That info is correct. See Victors response for throughput calculation. The reasoning is that the longer the heated section the faster the belt speed. The faster the belt speed, the higher the throughput. This is all based on your paste manufacturers recommended profile for time and temperature.


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