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Cold Fusion Can't Count


Cold Fusion Can't Count | 20 July, 2001

According to the summary page of the main forum, the following thread:

"Oven Throughput Pete July 19, 2001 10:31 PM"

� has 6 postings to the thread. But when one opens the thread, there are only the following postings on the tread:

"Oven Throughput Pete 07/19/01 " "Oven Throughput Victor 07/19/01 " "Oven Throughput Pro-Con 07/20/01 "

The "PCB Laminates" thread shows 4 postings, but there's only three when you expand the thread.

Wazup wid dis counter? You'd think for something as simple as counting increments that it wouldn't be so tough to get it correct, eh?

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Cold Fusion Can't Count | 31 July, 2001

This goes back to the duplicate posting problem. The admin functions for the forum were not working properly so the duplicate postings had to be deleted manually. This caused discrepencies because the count information was stored seperately and didn't get updated.

I fixed the admin controls this morning and that will keep everything consistent automatically.

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