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Juki 2000 Series Machines



Juki 2000 Series Machines | 26 July, 2001


I would like to get some feedbacks about the Juki 2000 Series regarding performance, downtime, accuracy on fine pitch components and 0201's and 0402 chips, repeatability, and reliability. thanks and regards,

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Juki 2000 Series Machines | 26 July, 2001

Every time you see one of those �National Geographic� articles showing pictures of clothing sweatshops in developing countries, the girls are sitting at gray Juki sewing machines. Juki placement machines were branded and distributed in the Americas and Euroland [dunno about other areas] by Zevatech. A few years after ESC bought Zevatech, the relationship seemed to go down the tubes. A coupla years ago, Juki began branding their machines and distributing them here in the US of A. Likely, they do that in other areas as well.

Zevatech [Juki] machines were decent machines with good training and support. Can�t tell you dip about Juki [Juki] machines.

Zevatech never had much US market share. Likely Juki has even less. Consider getting a customer list and visiting those folk.

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