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White residue VS No clean



White residue VS No clean | 28 July, 2001

Hi all I just got feedback from my customer about "White residue problem" around solder joints with manaul soldered connector at customer site and included the failure analysis report that there is residues of Cl,S,Na . I 'd like to know, the white residue/comtammination come from? and Are they(white residue and Cl,S,Na) rejected under IPC standard?

Thank you and best regard.

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White residue VS No clean | 29 July, 2001

Tough to say, but ...

Chlorine: Many fluxes contain chlorine.

Sulphur: Many solders and paper packing materials contain sulphur.

Sodium: No idea.

IPC-J-001 talks to board cleanliness and specifies criteria according to the cleanliness test method used.

BOTTOM LINE: Different end-use applications have different sensitivities to soldering residues. Consider working with your customer to determine an acceptable standard that meets their requirements.

Finally, you should determine how you turned your NC soldering residues white. [We have done that before by water washing the board.]

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