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Installing a new line

John Storjohann


Installing a new line | 11 February, 2000

I'm new to this site and hope to get some information. I'm probably going to get a ton of junk mail, but here goes.

We are in the process of evaluating new equipment with the eventual outcome of installing a complete SMT line. We are not a high volume manufacturer and only want to do our own products; no contracting. I am looking for links to articles I can research to give me an idea of what to ask the vendor community and how to evaluate what's out there. Any users, please respond with your input. Any vendors, I'll probably be in touch, but if you have a link to valuable information, please repond.

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Re: Installing a new line | 14 February, 2000

I would suggest contacting some refurb companies depending on how much volume you are talking about. From my experience, I would look at Fuji (very good equipment), Seimens (flexibility) or something like MYDATA. Fuji's tend to run towards the high end of $$, but in the long run they are worth it. There are numerous companies that refurb equipment and you can find them in magazines like Circuits Assembly and SMT or on the Web using a general search. It all depends on how much time you want to invest in researching this! There is a plethora of info out there and I am sure before too long you will be getting "junked"

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Francois Racine


Re: Installing a new line | 14 February, 2000

Hi john,

We just bought a new PNP machine for having now a complete line and there is a few things we don't want to repete the next time we will have a new line. I have a list of important technical questions to ask to your vendor and I think you are at the most important step " what is the best FIRST machine to buy ". I dont have all the information with me right now but contact me by email and I'll send you a copy.

Best regards

Francois Racine Gecko Electronics Quebec, Canada

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Re: Installing a new line | 14 February, 2000

You need to decide what types of processes you need to run right now. What is the mix of different devices and what volume is required for each product. Are you doing a mixed technology board (SMT & PTH) or just SMT. Are there fine pitch devices (under 20mil)? Are there high pin count devices? What type of production rates do you need? Do you need a board handling process? If you buy any equipment, will it do future requirements engineering develops? Any one of the OEM sales people should be able to look at your product and be able to tell you what you require. Then with all the information they will inundate you with, decide what's best for your $$$ vs what you really need. I would place the burden of what your machine requirements are on the sales people you contact. After having discussions with them, you decide.

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