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Posting time improved


Posting time improved | 1 August, 2001

I recently reindexed the forum search engine and that has greatly reduced the ammount of time for a forum post to complete - from an average of 70 seconds before to an average of 4 seconds now.

I will be setting up a schedule to automatically reindex so this does not happen anymore.

Thanks for your patience everyone.


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Posting time improved | 1 August, 2001

Does this mean we can search for threads older than the last year or so?

Brian said: * Getting those threads on-line cake. * He knew how to do it. * He was going to get that done last week.

Is it done??? Huh, huh, huh? Er, did you end-up finishing it for him? Haaaa

So, what do you guys think? How about giving me the older archives on a searchable disk and I'll just repost them in response to peoples' postings. That way we could get them on-line. I don't mind doing that.

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Brian Doyle


Posting time improved | 2 August, 2001

I was away for a week and a half on my honeymoon and I guess the pressure was off Neil. Actually he got sidetracked with some issues that came up but he has assured me that he's going to get them done shortly. Actually I went over to his desk and saw him scribbling something on a pad that resembled a time estimate for it. If you'd like I'll email you his home phone number.

Call late.

Call often.


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