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Rework Technique


Rework Technique | 1 August, 2001

I noticed that some operator are very good in doing pcb board rework and I would like to populate these group of operator in our facility. I wonder if there is any training manual or articles on rework technique that I can refer. Thanking you in advanced.

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Rework Technique | 2 August, 2001

Hey Bayan, (Apa khabar) Very good reference is IPC books/manual (, and some time spent on actual training.... rgds

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Rework Technique | 2 August, 2001

IPC-7711 & IPC-7721 Training and Certification Program Detailed information on the industry standard program for rework, repair and modification of electronic assemblies. []

Guides and training at

Training at

Practical Components [] and other dummy component suppliers provide practice kits.

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Rework Technique | 7 August, 2001


Thanks for responding. I have already get our librarian to purchase some of the IPC books.


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