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Low-Melt Solder

Albert Hay


Low-Melt Solder | 5 February, 2000

Hello everyone, I am cosidering the possibility of using Low-Melt solder for repair purposes. However, I am concerned about adding a new alloy (agent) to the board that already has the No-Clean solder on it. Also, is the Bismuth in the Low-Melt comatible with No-Clean? What are the long term affects? If you have done any study on this subject please help me out. Thank you.

Albert Hay.

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Re: Low-Melt Solder | 6 February, 2000

Albert: Several points:

� Bi should have no effect on your no-clean. The flux you select with your Pb/Sn/Bi wire solder could be an area for concern tho. � Bi will form an alloy with Pb with a melting point of 93�C. � Look at "Process Change - Ryan Jennens 09:40:20 06/03/1999" in the SMTnet archive.

Good luck.

Dave F

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Albert Hay


Re: Low-Melt Solder | 16 February, 2000

Dave, Thank you for your comment. Besides the concerns that I had in my mail, it Looks that it will take about 15 minutes to change a chip, and this is not acceptable for our process. Thanks again. Have a good day.

Albert Hay.

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