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Buying 1 or 2 Post reflow AOI and 1 Pre reflow AOI

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Buying 1 or 2 Post reflow AOI and 1 Pre reflow AOI | 6 November, 2015

Hi, we are looking for 1 or 2 new postreflow AOI machines to replace our old ones and possibly 1 prereflow AOI(we never had pre reflow before). In our company we run low volumes and high volumes.

I have been looking at Viscom, Mirtec mostly, Cyberoptics, Koh Young, Saki, Omron and we are looking for 2d/3d AOI.

I would like to know more about these names i mentioned and your experience with their AOI. Feel free to recommend any AOI but I would like to know why you recommend this product.

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Buying 1 or 2 Post reflow AOI and 1 Pre reflow AOI | 6 November, 2015

Good Morning RedChilli,

I have worked with Mirtec for quite a few years. I have looked at some of the other machines mentioned but have no practical experience with them. I started with the Mirtec MV-2 (long ago)due to the success of this platform, we upgraded to the MV-3. I have used the MV-3 platform for over 10 years. This is a 2D system. I successfully used this platform for 1st piece (pre-Reflow) and post reflow SMT inspection. This is a split axis machine. I did find a need to slow the table speed down for wet paste inspection to avoid shuttling the board and displacing components. My last upgrade on the MV-3 was to the 45mm clearance machine (standard now) I was able to utilize this for through hole inspection as well. I have recently upgraded to the MV-6 Omni 2D/3D in line. This is a gantry machine so wet paste should not be an issue. We are still in the process of implementation but I have full confidence in Mirtec. Over the years, any issue that was identified (was usually of my own doing) was immediately addressed and resolved. I cannot give Mirtec a higher recommendation. Their platforms have been reliable and their support has been phenomenal. 15 years and counting, they have not let me down.

Good Luck with your eval.


Christopher Lampron

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Buying 1 or 2 Post reflow AOI and 1 Pre reflow AOI | 10 November, 2015

Good morning RedChili,

This is Marvin from Saki America. I came across your post and I noticed that you are interested on 3D-AOI and 2D-AOI machines. We can offer pre-reflow and post-reflow full 3D-AOI and 2D-AOI for you needs. IF you have any questions regarding our machines you can contact me directly at for more details. You can also call us at 510-556-6459 (Cell) or at our office at 510-623-7254. We are located at 48016 Fremont Blvd, Fremont, CA 94538.

Best regards

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