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Third Party SPC Analysis Software

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Third Party SPC Analysis Software | 11 December, 2015

Looking for options/opinions on third party SPC software. Currently working on a project to upgrade/replace our current 2D AOI to a newer 3D AOI and (hopefully) make our AOI where I pull 99% of our SPC data, mostly for in process DPMO numbers.

The problem I'm running into is that it seems all manufacturers have at least one drawback in terms of SPC software. Rather than compromising on the AOI hardware to get the SPC capabilities I'm looking for I'm thinking I'll have to go with a third party option.

Does anyone have recommendations or opinions on any current offerings? Any info is appreciated, thanks guys!

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Third Party SPC Analysis Software | 13 December, 2015


We have developed various solutions for SPC in view of SMT production. I can tell you that the solution depends on the need you are trying to solve. Our solutions are: ASD (AOI/SMT Diagnistics) - Real-time collecting, detecting and popping hidden problems on SMT lines. SMT SPET - Real-time collecting attributes from AOI/SPI/XRAY machine and displaying charts/analysis for PP/PPK, GRR etc. TOPOQC - Show PCB with fall topography (dark color - many falls, bright color - few falls). This map is dynamically and can be changed by different populations. It shows DPMO calculations and can compare fall data with next production steps after AOI (such as T.U., V.I. etc.).

So, if you want something special or you want more information about our solutions, you can send me an email:

Best Regards, Alexei

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