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washing BGA`s

Ivan Rojas


washing BGA`s | 10 February, 2000

I will just like to know if is ok to build a board with a BGA ,with water soluable paste and washed or is better to use a no clean paste . And one last question , what do you guys think about the better paste Kester or Indium .

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Re: washing BGA`s | 11 February, 2000

Your customers design and your process capability would determin this (W/S vs. noclean). EX. Can you clean adequately for low stand off components?

I have some BGA products which operate at 20GHz (atenuation and cross-talk is off the charts. )No way is this Noclean compatible at these frequencies.

Regardless what anyone "thinks" about this brand of solder vs. that brand you had better run your own evaluation and eliminate opinion. If not, your customer might be calling me for a quote!


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