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Fuji Ip2 macro BGA Placment

Mike Naddra


Fuji Ip2 macro BGA Placment | 28 January, 2000

Is anyone placing 50mil pitch BGA's from a matrix tray, with a Fuji Ip2. The Issue I have is the transfer from the MTU when the part is being transfered for placment it is picked from the tray and then placed on the pneumatically actuated transfer where a vaccum is created and the machine "Knows" it has the component. Where with a BGA the vaccum cannot be created due to the balls.(Is there a way around this ?) I understand that there is am upgrade available for the IP2, similar to that of the IP3. Is anyone currently doing this.

Thanx, Mike

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Micah Newcomb


Re: Fuji Ip2 macro BGA Placment | 29 January, 2000

Mike, I found the easiest way around your issue is to get your parts in T&R rather then trying to modify your machine. Some part manufacturers may be unwilling to T&R your part but there is always a ready and willing company whom would be happy to do this for you. My 2 cents.


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Re: Fuji Ip2 macro BGA Placment | 29 January, 2000

I'm not sure about the I have an IP3 it may or may not be relevant. I had the same problem except IP3's use vac. sensing and/or part detect sensor (optical). The part might be detected optically, but with the high acceleration of the carrier and low vacuum generation the part would flip right off the pedistal. This was solved with the station 2 option. Essentially, it allows for either station 1 carrier (normal) or station 2 with a mechanical clamper holding the part down until its traverse into the main machine is complete. Rather spendy option >5K$. Of course I remind myself that when these machines were designed BGA's didn't exist. I had no choice but to purchase this option as a new machine was out of the question and I place around 15,000 BGA's per month on this line. So the ROI was very quick...


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John McMasters


Re: Fuji Ip2 macro BGA Placment | 31 January, 2000

I would assume the IP2 version is similar to the IP3. I've installed 2 of the IP3 ones and they work fine. The retro is pretty simple. Tape and reel is fine if you have the room on the MFU's, we didn't have that luxury though.

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