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CM402 - lead check option

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CM402 - lead check option | 23 March, 2016

Can someone explain to me how the scan position of the lead check works and it measured?

On our machine the scan position was at .2. I changed this to .1 and could not get a QFP to pass lead check. I then placed it at .25 and haven't had any failures since.

I know I have changed how/where it is scanning and it is working now but I am not sure exactly what I've done to be able to explain to production of how this works.

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CM402 - lead check option | 24 March, 2016

The recognition system uses a image histogram for the lead tip check. So, perhaps you were scanning the area from the lead edge to .1-.2 towards the body of your QFP and not fulfilling the required pixel count for that area; increasing it allowed you to achieve the required amount.

Are you using direct lighting? Were the lamp settings tampered with? Did someone change the recognition height? All these things can lead to failures regarding your issue.

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CM402 - lead check option | 25 March, 2016

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CM402 - lead check option | 12 April, 2016

There is an auto teach of QFP component for CM402 wherein machine can auto recognize number of pins, pin pitch. Just make sure on your part data you have selected the right reference part (Ref: 171)for QFP.

For manual component recog; 1. Set Comp size (LWT) pin-to-pin LW 2. Input the number of pins 3. input the pin pitch (check on gerber PCB pad, TDS of component) 4. Select component Type (QFP) and Ref. recognition (Ref. 171) 5. Perform manual teaching on recognition (comp. result should be 100%) 6. Perform continuous recog to validate changes in recog.

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CM402 - lead check option | 12 April, 2016

Carlo - we do use that. I was asking about the lead check option to catch bent leads.

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CM402 - lead check option | 12 April, 2016

Try to increase or set to 100% the Lead Check Side (%) for every QPF part data.

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CM402 - lead check option | 13 April, 2016

Actually SMT mounter's vision system is similar as the AOI machines,it judges the right or wrong based on: 1.the black and white identification's measurements 3. the comparison between it's measurements and the input data

There is a tolerance on step 2(measurements),that's the possible reason of it.

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