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what's your opinion

k.s park


what's your opinion | 26 January, 2000

Hi. man what's your opinion about buying the inspection machine. we have a lot of models but a few of b'ds to produce. the outputs of screen printer was good when i checked with centry 2000 lent. it was almost 6 sigma with the range of LSL &USL i made. i wonder the inspection m/c is for mass production line not for mine. i think several changing model reduce the causes occuring by screen printer. We change models 5 times a day for one line. we have cleaning machine for stencil, visual checker,X-ray. we are now in difficulty to program visual checker& x-ray m/c. if someone forcing you to buy the m/c just for reducing the defect rate in my line. would someone who were in my position give me some hint not to buy the m/c. or who is using the m/c give me confidence to buy the m/c. Do you have any data how much you can reduce the defect rate by the m/c . thanks in advance.

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k.s park


Re: sorry i did't mention what machine. | 26 January, 2000

sorry.I didn't mention what kind of machine. it 's a machine for inspection of printing condition after printing machine.

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Re: what's your opinion | 27 January, 2000

Kyungman: So, your boss is trying to get you to put a wet paste inspection machine on your line after the printer. Sounds like you have a bunch of toys and someone wants to give you more!!!! Ah, the burdens some people have to live with!!! ;-)

Just so I�m clear:

� Do you have a Sentry 2000 and are considering adding another wet paste inspection machine? � Did you borrow a Sentry 2000 to check your process? � Is the Sentry 2000 the machine you are considering purchasing?

On the issue of available programming time for the new paste inspection machine when there isn�t enough time to program the inspection and x-ray machines now, consider making CAD-to-CAM software with drivers for all automated inspection and placement machines a part of your purchase. Yeh, I know it takes time to program the machine to program the machines. Previous threads on SMTnet talk to the suppliers (ie, GC-Place, CircuitCAM, FabMaster, etc) of this software.

Sorry, no data on defect rate improvements using paste inspection machines, but then again, the performance of those machines are so vendor specific I wonder if you shouldn�t be:

� Running trials with your boards on the specific machines? � Talking to users of the specific machines?

As I recall, the issue with wet paste inspection machines is through-put. They�re not real speedy, as you would expect, because they have to do all this 3D viewing, measuring, calculating, and what not. So to keep pace with placement machines, they only look at portions of the total number of solder bricks. May be that�s your hammer. Was there a recent article in "SMT Magazine" (or some place like that) on AOI?

Good luck

Dave F

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k.s park


Re: what's your opinion | 28 January, 2000

HI. Mr. Dave F First of all I appreciate your advise. Here is the answer to the question you sent. I was considering the solder inspection m/c for a long time. so i bought the LSM2 last year.i thinks it was good for me. further more Last year i borrowed the centry 2000 for 3 months. so took it back. and check the solder volume with the MPM. Without moving other m/c's it can be installed. I did so many tests with centry 2000 & MPM. the result of test is that i am more confused to invest m/c for checking solder paste. but i have to. would let me know the name of m/c if there is a lot. i wnat to consoder 3 kinds or 4 kinds machine. thanks in advance. thanks in advance.

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Re: what's your opinion | 28 January, 2000

It's a bit dated, but start here in the SMTnet Archives:

Re: Inspection machines - Dave F 09:00:23 12/02/1998

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