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Single profile?

H.J. Kim


Single profile? | 25 January, 2000

Is anyone out there using "single profile" on high mix production? Or would you recommand suitable reflow oven for that?

Some oven manufacturers would announce for that. We have tested four different b'ds on their oven. Results(delta t) were 20 to 29 celsius degrees amoung four b'ds. I think "delta t(peak)" will arrive 10 celsius degree for using "single profile". Thank you.

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Re: Single profile? | 27 January, 2000

HJ: Your best chance of running your boards with a single profile is with ovens from the established suppliers (ie, BTU, Conceptronics, Heller, Vitronics, etc). They are experienced in robust control system designs. Stepping aside from that, consider:

� Operating the oven with the proper profile for the board is more important than set-up minimization issues. � Profiling a board is more dependent on the board and paste than the oven. � Stabilizing oven temperature with a new profile within the time necessary to set-up the "placement machine" for a new product is the real issue.

Good luck

Dave F

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Greg Jones


Re: Single profile? | 2 February, 2000

HJ: We presented a paper on how to accomplish this at Nepcon 99: Reducing Oven Changeover Time by Finding Common Recipes for Mixed Production Lines It is available at: Good Luck, Greg

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Chung H. Park


Re: Single profile? | 2 February, 2000

Mr. Kim:

The answer to your question depends on the type of mix you are dealing with.

Here is the approach you should be taking to answer to your question yourself: 1. Establish the reflow process specifications for products. 2. Profile your products many times under an optimim oven setting. 3. Based on the data you collected and process specification, caluclate your process Cpk.

Once you do the above for all your products, the answer will become self-evident.

For further details, please write to me.


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