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AOI false calls with 3D AOI

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AOI false calls with 3D AOI | 10 May, 2016

Hi All,

I've been told that 3D AOI machines are a solution to the false calls that you get on a 2D machine, but I don't really see how the depth information can help in eliminating false calls for unreadable markings, misregistered parts etc. For soldering defects I'd say yes, it will probably help, but inspecting solder joints is something that 2D machines have problems with anyhow.

Any input will be highly appreciated.

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AOI false calls with 3D AOI | 18 May, 2016

SMT, I currently work with both 2D and 3D AOI machines. 3D does give you the added benefit of Height on components which does help cut down on some of the over rejects. However, it does still have trouble with some of the same things as the 2D systems. Omron's new S730 seems promising The images are a lot better and there is a ton of added information, such as, component inclination and lifted leads. which only helps the programmer to beat down some of those false calls. Hope this helps.

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AOI false calls with 3D AOI | 19 May, 2016

Hello, that's why some machines still use 2d for most of their algorithms and checks. They use the 3D on some special cases (like lifted leads). The full 3D machines are for me more complicated, because you can't use some simple 2d checks where applicable. So it really depends on the product, components etc.

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