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AOI inspection

Robert Steltman


AOI inspection | 23 January, 2000

Is anyone out there using a "Opti-Check" system? I think it is distributed in the States by Mancorp. We are based in South Africa and have recently purchased this piece of equipment and would love to get into contact with others using it in order to exchange technical information etc.

Many thanks

Robert Steltman

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Re: AOI inspection | 23 January, 2000

we are currently using IRIS AOI machine.It is very simple to program. Machine utilize the GC-place to program. If you have any question please e-mail me. Nazeeh Chaudry

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Re: AOI inspection | 25 January, 2000

Robert and Nazeem: Consider contacting your equipment supplier and asking them for a customer list. It's to the suppliers' advantage to help you develop your knowledge base. Dave F

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