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Edge connector Isolation

Hany A. Salam


Edge connector Isolation | 20 January, 2000

Hello there

We assemble Add-On cards for the Personal computers. Naturally all of them have gold plated edges to be connected into the pc.

My question is : What is the best way to isolate these edges while soldering in the wave solder M/C.


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Re: Edge connector Isolation | 20 January, 2000

There are several ways to do this, if you are doing large volumes the best way is to use Titanium Finger Masks. You can have them custum made or if you are lucky one of the standard sizes will fit. They slide over the fingers to protect them through the wave. Fancort makes these (201-575-0610) Or if you are running low vol simply use Kapton tap But be sure to cover those fingers. It is very expensive to have the gold fingers reworked!

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Re: Edge connector Isolation | 20 January, 2000

Hany: I have never understood why the add-on boards in PCs have gold plating on their connectors. In the military and in avionics, they require gold on connectors to protect from wear and corrosion. But PCs ave very different. PCs:

* Are obsolete when you buy them * Wear-out in 3-4 years * Are obsoleted by software in 1-2 year * Very rarely have their cards changed

Anyhow, I suggest that you check the archives for threads similar to the one you have started. We had a similar conversation last week. Go find:

gold fingers over wave, Tony Nirchi, 12:07:24 01/13/2000


Dave F

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