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Flux Residues on Wave Soldered PCBAs

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Flux Residues on Wave Soldered PCBAs | 29 July, 2016

We do have a commen problem with flux residues after the wave soldering process, even after using correct wave soldering profiles recommended by the flux supplier, The following flux type is being used Alpha EF 2210 VOC Fre Bellcore No Clean water Based.Can somebody give us some hints what could be the problem to have more flux residues on the PCBAs

1.Does this something to do with the solder mask DSR 2200 is commonly used on our PCBAs ?

2.Do you have any specific solder mask recommended for the following flux type we use ?

3.What could be the other parameters to play around to solve this problm, Whereas each and every PCBA has to be brushed after the wave soldering process?

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Flux Residues on Wave Soldered PCBAs | 29 July, 2016

"ALPHA® EF-2210 is VOC-free, halide-free, rosin/resin-free, low solids no-clean flux which provides the highest activity of any VOC-free Bellcore SIR compliant flux for defect-free soldering. "[2016 Alpha Assembly Solutions]

I assume that you're talking about flux residues that are different from the flux resides that all yall expect to see when soldering with a no-clean flux.

If so, it's not straight forward to determine that material compatibility is the cause of your residue. Here's what you need ... "IPC-9203 Makes it Easier for Users to Determine Materials Compatibility." []

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